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I handle most of the audio/video equipment at my church and I've been tasked with investigating livestreaming our services. I've done some testing with something called Wirecast, which fits the bill perfectly on the software end. However, we're lacking on the hardware end. I did some testing and the old Core 2 Duo we use to power a projector and do some audio recordings is too underpowered for real-time video processing. I'm pricing out an Ivy Bridge i7 build. I don't have a specific budget in mind yet. Overclocking isn't really an option.

Requirements and considerations:
  • Rackmount chassis, can't be much longer than a typical PC chassis, so no Dell PowerEdge-style cases that are 3 feet long.
  • Quiet. No loud fans. Combined with above, I believe I need at least a 3U chassis, possibly larger.
  • CUDA-enabled GPU with dual outputs. HDMI or DVI will work. I don't need a ton of compute power, during testing the GeForce 335M in my m11x R2 was adequate for the GPU-assisted portions of Wirecast.
  • I don't need much storage space, so a small SSD will be okay.
  • 2 HDMI inputs for capturing from cameras and capturing the output of an existing workstation PC. Future cameras will probably be IP, such as the Axis M1104.

Here's what I've put together so far:

Not included in the list were keyboard, mouse, monitor, Windows 7 Professional, and a cheap optical drive.

My biggest concerns right now are how well these will fit in the case. Primarily, can I fit a normal-sized graphics card into that 3U rackmount chassis? Will I have any issues with a normal ATX power supply fitting in the case? And will the stock Intel CPU fan fit? If not I need an aftermarket CPU cooler that is quiet.

I'm also open to suggestions on cases, I've never built a rackmount system before.