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Hi guys, so i am a electronics computers engineering students, we are using a 8051 trainer board on my microprocessors class, so i am using uvision 4 as a compiler, and i use a laptop to communicate to the board, i use a usb to serial cable, got the drivers installed and everything, the thing is that i haven't find a way to communicate with the board, or even see if there's communication, i mean, what kind of interface (software) i can use to do that? win7 has no hyperterminal, and i can't find a way to communicate to the damn board, also i would like to know if there's a way to "see" what's on memory, meaning thatonce i send data to a certain memory block how can i see if the data actually is in there, some command" i know we are supposed to use a probe but we don't have any, lmao on that, my teacher kinda sucks, so i have to figure it out by myself, also, i can't find a way to send the c file to the board, i compiled a small I/O operation, and i can't find a way to send it to the board, i am pretty noob at compiling, so any help would be much appreciated biggrin.gif , in advance, thank you!