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I was thinking we should compile the desired features for windows 8 somewhere other than randomly through every windows 8 thread. I will start off with the things I want and some of what I've seen floating around here:

Start menu customization - win7 start menu and new start menu. (I prefer tile)
Tile apps - Let me run them in windowed mode if desired.
Ie10 tile app - redesign layout of the ui - make a better ui for favorite links.
Tile apps and start menu - reflow the system, so it feels more natural. Just... Fix the flow.
Tile apps - Add card view multitasking with tile apps to make the drag from top down gesture more useful.
Tile Apps - Allow "esc" key to minimize the app, for some reason I always hit that thinking it will go back to start (like home button on iOS or whatever on android).
Gestures - on first time use, run a brief tutorial (option to opt out) guiding the user through the ui flow and gestures.
Start menu search - put everything in one group and let user opt to filter by file type, rather than forcing it and defaulting to registered apps. 90% of my searches are for control panel settings and I have to use 3~ more key strokes to reach my destination now that I have to go down to "settings" filter and select from there.
Ie10 tile app - allow to run fully in the background or add this as an option. YouTube videos pause when I switch apps.

Any others? I can't think of anything else off the top of my head but I will add as I think of them and as you guys suggest them.

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