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Hi All

I am possibly thinking about replacing my TV with this:

I have no previous experience with projectors, but it just seems like a good potential option since I would get a much much much bigger screen size for way cheaper than a flat screen. For example a 70" LCD in NZ is almost $6000. While this projector would do 300" in my lounge for only $1900 ish.

I just have a few questions though:

1. How do projectors (specifically this one) stack up to HDTV's in quality of picture wise? Technically they should be the same?

2. I couldn't find anything about the refresh rate, the thing I hate the most about my current plasma is the screen tearing that happens when images move horizontally on the screen. Do projectors suffer from this also?

3. Could I use this coupled with my HTPC (with TV tuner) as my lounge TV, you know regular use and all that?

4. How loud is this? It says 27dB, I have no idea how loud that actually is haha, if its wall mounted above my head would it annoy the hell out of me in quieter scenes in movies etc?

5. With bulbs, how do you replace them? Are the bulbs sold standard or would I have to get specific bulbs for this projector?

6. Is a projector screen required? I have a lovely massive white painted wall that I was going to use?

That's all I can think of for now, thanks heaps in advance.