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EDIT: After messing around with a ton of settings it occurred to me that I should restart my PC. Voila it worked this time. Don't know why I didn't do this immediately. Sorry to waste anyone's time.

Hi guys, I have a problem concerning my PC and the attached mics which I could use help in trying to resolve.

I have 2 microphones: a Zalman ZM mic1 and a cheap unnamed mic attached to my keyboard. The problem I've been having is that these mics work for some time and then at a random time after plugging them in, they mysteriously stop transmitting audio. This first happened to my Zalman about 2 months after I first bought and installed it. Then to my keyboard mic about 1 week after I started using that. It was around this time where I was moving my PC to another room and shortly after when I had gotten everything plugged back in, I found that my keyboard mic suddenly started working again. Here I am now a week later and its happened again: the keyboard mic isn't transmitting any audio. So I took my Zalman and plugged it into another PC; it works fine. Having now tried it on my PC and realizing that It still doesn't function I have concluded that the problem must be with my PC and not the mics themselves.

I have tried the following programs: mumble, ffsplit, open broadcaster and audacity. I can safely assume its not related to settings in an individual program.

I have tried changing ports from the Asus Xonar D1 mic in port to the front panel mic port. The front panel header is connected to the soundcard btw.

I'm unsure how to proceed for the moment. I'd like to know how to find and fix the problem.

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