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How to Flash WNR3500L to DD-WRT?

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I want to flash my WNR3500L to DD-WRT, but I am completely clueless and have little to no experience in Networking/Router/Modem/etc.

Firmware Version: V1.2

So if someone can guide me step by step on how to completely flash this, I'd be so happy and appreciate any help.

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Power on the device. Give it a minute to finish booting, the front panel LEDs should stabilize.
Plug in your linux box, it’ll automatically get an IP address (
Perform a 30/30/30 reset
a) With unit powered on, press and hold the reset button for 30s
b) Without releasing the reset button, unplug the router, wait 30s
c) Still holding the reset button, plug the router in and wait 30s
Now wait for the PC to get an IP address assigned to it, this may take a minute or two be patient.
As I’m using Linux Firefox will be the browser of choice
Connect to
user: admin
password: password
(the default user and password)
Since the router isn’t connected to anything except my PC the automatic upgrade process will fail due to no internet connection, that’s fine.
Click on “Router Upgrade” in the menu on the left side.
Choose the .chk file you downloaded as per the DD-WRT site
You will get a warning: “Warning! You are trying to download the firmware which the region is different from the current firmware you had.” – this is ok, continue.
Wait for the upload process to complete.
Once the upload is done, it will automatically move on to updating settings.
A minute or so more it will show a DD-WRT screen.
Start a timer for 5 minutes and wait. Yes, likely paranoid as we could have probably started the timer when we started the upload process, but again this isn’t something you really want to rush. Time for coffee.
At this point we’re running DD-WRT, just not the version we want.
Do another 30/30/30 reset
It took my system about 2 minutes to get an IP address (
DD-WRT will force us to set a username and password, for now I suggest the same as stock.
Click on the Administration tab, followed by the Firmware Upgrade sub-tab.
I set ‘After flashing, reset to’ -> ”Reset to Default settings”
Pick the big file you downloaded as per the DD-WRT site.
It will flip to a reset screen once the firmware has been installed
Wait 5 minutes. If you’re really paranoid perform another 30/30/30 reset after that.
Done. Configure you’re new router.


I have the same router followed the same procedure. BUT DD WRT IS NOT the best for this router i had better experience with the default firmware

more help
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