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New machine build:
mobo Asus 09x79 pro lga2011
cpu intel core I7 3930k
vga msi R7970 Lightning card
ssd OCZ 128g VTX4-25SAT3
memory GSKILL 4gx4 F3-14900CL9Q-16GBZL (1866)

os Win764 bit
updated from Asus pretty much everything in
their download toolbox, lan, chipset, graphics,
sata control, etc.

First of all would really like to thank Sean Webster for his really excellent guides.
My old machine is a Asus Commando mobo and still runs good. But
as that tells you my last time building a box has been a while. Would not have
figured it all out without this forum's help and specifically Sean's guides.

Sooooo, bios out of the box is the ver.2002 and I wonder if should I update
to the 2104. Last time I updated bios on my old box bupdater was the
safe way to do it and worked fine. 2104 says it corrects some usb port
issues and it just so happens I have one remaining yellow warning in my
hardware manager, error28 usb...... I won't quote all of it. I also, had
flags on others that were fixed with the installs from Asus. I disabled
the Marvell port due to issues I read in other forum articles.

Here it is: I read a lot of nightmare posts about ver.3009 and I am not even
anxious to update ver.2104 and create unneeded problems if the ver.2002
is preferred. Should I jump on an update at this point? Ver.2104 and is bupdater
still an optimum safe way to do it? I have the bios downloads on my flashdrive
but felt reluctant due to the many problems I read about.

The one yellow flag in divice manager is the only issue showing currently anywhere.
I am running at stock speeds and temperatures. I set the mem mhzs manually to 1866.
I am proud at how smooth it went. Update bios? I will hold loading games till i get a
satisfactory answer. Help please?