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Originally Posted by Deipho View Post

I got the same problem with my card .... I tried many things like switch to the original bios and the old drivers but nothing worked.. I finally came to the point where my card runs in 300 mhz only by using its hdmi- interface... The real Problem should come from once using the card in a multimonitor mode and than the card remembers the wrong main screen (1 = TV (Hdmi) 2=PC-TFT (DVI) (evtl I used the worng setting by switching to multimonitormode with win7 included tool and this caused the problem).... I run my system sometimes on my tv and watched the clocks directly going to 300mhz by connecting the hdmi cable and automatically switching my pc screen to standby ..... I think anywhere here is the problem to solve... sry 4 my english :>

I also use my TV as a monitor with an HDMI cable. Your post made me think about the resolution, so i changed it and problem solved!!

Thanks Deipho, rep to you good sir!
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Yes 1680x1050 does work for me too... not bad smile.gif .. Meanwhile i tried to deinstall the driver by hand after the installation following reboot the system went automaticaly back to the 12.9- driver and the 300 mhz instantly showed up... while i installed the 12.10 /12.11 beta the 500 mhz showed up while installation.... evtl this could help someone with equal problems ....

Greetings and thanks wink.gif
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Just installed 12.11 Beta( 7 i guess) 11/12/2012 and the problem is gone .....
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