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I'm currently searching for a way to improve this laptop's display without having to resort to a horrible 1280 x 800 LED backlit screen.

In my research, I've come across the "LP154WU2" series of LG screens which use two CCFL lamps and require two power inverter connectors. Issue is, the Lenovo W500's controller card is either restricted to providing a single CCFL connector, or a specialized LED connector in the case of the T500.

Now, here's my strange question:

Is it possible to physically take both connectors and connect them together to the same inverter with a special modified cable? From what I understand of CCFL, there is an anode and a cathode which alternate between positive/negative high voltages at a fast speed. Besides higher power draw, what problems would I run into if I tried this?

According to specs, the LP154WU2 displays draw around 10.7 watts of power:

Compatible displays usually draw around 6 watts:

I assume the screen could work with this hacked power configuration but with the risk of blowing the inverter/other components?

One last question, what would happen if I just connected one connector? Would the lighting look highly uneven? Or would the panel controller detect this and simply not let it turn on?

Thanks for reading this.
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