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From seeing the specs in your current rig to me this all seems a waste just order a 680 and H100.

I agree, and by the looks of it you apparently have a 2600K @ 5.1GHz close to 5.2 (and that's on an H60). If you throw a H100 on there, you're most likely going to be able to run 5.5 daily without problems. Grab a 680 or a 670 if you plan on going SLI. Maybe pick up a Samsung 640 Pro for OS and Programs and turn your current SSD into a Games drive then Grab the 3TB drive for storage.

Besides doing those few listed upgrades, I really don't see why you would need to build a new rig. It's not outdated, it's clocked high. Will the rig you want to build be faster than your current rig? Sure, but not fast enough to justify building an entirely new rig.

With some upgrades you can bring new life into it.
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