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New Rig- Help!

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I have a new rig built and am planning on using the hard drives from my previous rig (since one has all my games(the one I want as my primary), and another has all my music (the one i want as my secondary))

How abouts do I get these working and get the comp to boot into windows without deleting any data of my hard drives!?
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You could try uninstalling as many drivers as you can, be careful not to restart or it'll install back.

Or you could try restoring with an xp cd after you have the hard drive in the computer you want it in.

Both of these ideas probably won't work all that great, I wouldn't do either- but something to try if you don't want to reformant.

If you want to reformat and a fresh install of windows, it would be best. If you want to save your games and reformat, find out where all of the saved game information is stored and back it up.
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