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I can't think of any reason for it to run hotter with front fan on... unless you had it backwards. biggrin.gif.. kidding.

I assume you were running them both on the PWM splitter with molex that comes with in the kit?.. Side cover off for both with and without fan?
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Ha biggrin.gif

Yeah I was a bit weary of using the splitter as there is 1.2A flowing through one PWM splitter cable when at full load. The cable is rated 26AWG so should be fine there.

The side cover was lent against the side for both with and without the fan as so dust doesn't come in.
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Hi you could put 2nd fan on rear of cooler but top fans id always have as drawing air out and cases run cooler with neg pressure to positive pressure ie pulling more air out versus positive which is pushing more air in as you get less "hot" spots with air pockets like if you have one rear exhaust fan and space above like with top psu or where it could be if can have top/bottom mount so the air above rear exhaust is holding warm air which isn't what you want.

Why don't you run fans from molex's and just one from cpu header so keeps that quiet! as the more headers you use from mobo the more heat and volts drawn!(if i connected delta to mobo it would prob fizzle then pop as tracks and vrm's blow 3.4+ amp load!)
Only have cpu fan connected rest runs from one molex cable for delta and top rear fan and 2nd molex does front fans and dvd drive HD drives run from there own sata power cable.

One other thing is air speed/force as opposed to air to and frow as if you can direct air with enough force/control you get chill factor.
As you said air's a weird thing to deal with what with thermal currents/eddies and more take for example something that's at an angle or flat across flow one side will be warmer than other as pressure will be lower on rear side of it.

You could even do with two different fans?front one high pressure rear one high flow but wouldnt need to be high static though or something like that as front would form air up then 2nd would shift it.
As could get something like what you get with aeroplanes and boats with jet wash with front one moving air around then 2nd isn't able to compress and shift air fully or could even be bouncing off it so reflected?

Can just imagine you now! tick tick x=y-Q~Xa% of 9. then playing with smoke markers?.lol mind you the smoke makers what they use for flume testing would be a good idea to see flows etc esp if you could get some clear plastic to cover sides so can see plus have lighting inside to illuminate it.

Lian li do a compartmented case (V1000's+ server case's) which have mobo butt upwards along with gpu! rear fan is configged/designed to be an inlet then exhausts out top through mess and psu/hd's are below with a panel between them and mobo area not sure how effective it works though?

Mind theres some cheap case's out there(Bigger!) as newer types are wider(more depth) for high coolers.
There was a new Aerocool Xpredator case went for £50 on flea bay other day. quite liked that myself.

One's to avoid are the ones with too much plastic as not a great cooler.(We need them made out of silver or copper?)best conductive elements then could get nearer passive cooling?

Delta along with san-ace/Sanyo Nidec which make Scythe GT's./Papst etc make some good fans which many use for servers.
Delta's have 6 coils in motor where as most fart/retail fans have only 4 so not as smooth or powerfull ie torque which gives you better static as keeps speed while pushing air through rad's etc.
You can find plenty on flea bay as used server ones or new(if you need part numbers or lists etc ive some sellars saved plus find right types.
There are some up that Delta make in 25mm 120 3 bladed that have great static pressures.
Not all there fans are PWM many are 3 wired.
But Delta's and sanace etc are really controllable as can run @ really low volts unlike many retail fans which stall or burn motors or very unstable when slowed down.PWM is the future really as not wasting power turning into heat with a controller(rheostat).

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Wiring isn't finished yet that cpu 8pin you see in close up is running behind tray not under board.
But going water cooled soon well atleast in one of my case's? just waiting for the rad/fans to arrive then need pipe and and some pretty fluid to make nice colours! lol (blue uv?)
Plus some strong will to cut the case! eeek. top/lid of case is removeable so makes easier.
Thinking of putting window in side panel.like to get the perspex milled round edges so fit's smother and lower profile than just whopping on the side.

got some 10watt blue led chips other day wooo weee they are bright thinking of getting some thermal conductive pads to stick one or two inside case as they need a heatsink or cook so ali case would be it's heatsink. then run from 12v maybe with a resistor in line to limit to 12v but should be ok as my 12v is not far over in bios reading but will multimeter to check.

We can have some fun with modding for sure plus more enjoyable doing something that you have done yourself or looks good.
Well better than a dell black/grey box!
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Yeah it actually doesn't make a difference because my VRM heatsink is in the way lol, so it actually makes me have the fan higher up.
I was thinking about the rear, maybe there isn't enough negative pressure so may be some heat build up somewhere else in the case. However my top fans seem to push an impressive amount of air out of the case so shouldn't be too bad.

These fans are run off the molex, it's only attached for the PWM signal smile.gif I only had 0.4A off the headers for my top fans only.

The fans I run are very high static pressure you can feel it, powerful, definitely having no trouble pushing the air out of the rear of the case, the top ones are "decent" but the air coming out of them is freezing cold.

I could try get smoke to check it out, but pricey alternative tongue.gif I do have acrylic window and UV lighting in my case. I went for orange smile.gif

I will remove the vinyl and allow for more metal and will smooth the case down to help a bit. I am also thinking about making a sort of "duct" to hide my cables behind. Preferably by the HDDs.

And cool setup, that poor 8-pin, looks squashed tongue.gif

UV fluid does look amazing I give you that, that would be a nice touch. Could have a res vertical to the GPU that would look great. I am not a big fan of blue, more of a red/orange myself. But UV lighting is definitely a nice touch!

Ah just cut it as long as you don't go over board would be fine tongue.gif just round the edges so it's smooth. I need to do that for my acrylic window.

I enjoy modding, even when it goes wrong, but the results are definitely worth the input smile.gif

Keep us updated on how your rigs going.

Thanks for the advise also, +rep smile.gif
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Hi thanks glad you like it it's coming along slowly!
That 8 pins a joke as wires stiffer than the roast lamb? that they do in local cafe on roast lunch and boy's that tough did ask them which ones got leather soles missing from there shoes!(mind you could be horse?or even donkey being a turk cafe) and lian li don't make it any easier if i cut slot on tray up a bit further could get it through easier i guess but it has to come round to plug and wire isn't over generous in length. but it's a tough one with wiring looms as either too long or too short?

Ive also got a lian li pc 70/75 which is similar size but in silver but only has 80mm's 2 front 2 back.
But would like to build it up sometime so can send guy i got it off pic's it's A1 condition with the extra's like flip down covers for dvd drives.
Thought about blue as went well with silver plus bright colour as reds in the dark spectrum but who know's what i might find?.

Have my eye on an alphacool monsta rad either 360 or 480 80mm thick! 120mm was the widest i could get in roof of PC 70 between the rails inside but did think about making or getting like the coolance shroud where it can sit on top or halfway even.

Have a double bay EK spin res in top bays so can have UV/Blue leds showing through it did think about wiring the power and HDD's leds to show in there.

Ive also some multi colour leds that are in my old Alienware case going to sell that off i broke door hinges/grill front etc when it slipped when moving i could fix most of it or clear as is also have aio w/c loop going up on flea bay then 1000watt psu as need to have a good clear out plus raise some wonga.

It's amazing how much crap you accumulate over the years!!!(my pile of fans is slowly rising to the roof?)
But yes it is fun to mod and learn things?.

But what you could be finding is that you have hit a ceiling where it's not possible to remove the heat from the cpu or more than plus some have variations as none 100% the same.
Could also be limitations of mobo?thermal efficiency?

Could try a delta like mine that will show if possible to go lower?(Just make sure cat n dogs shut out and loose things like curtains as fastened down!!! lol
But seriously if you do play with any of those high power fans do make sure it's fastened down or it will BITE! fingers off or damage things.

Think you had a side case fan somewhere? there good as blow onto gpu and mobo so cools that down plus shapes airflow by pushing it towards cpu fans 220's or 240's are good slow/quiet but shift air.

The one thing you have to watch with molex well most of the plugs now esp if modular is the pins/plugs as find some that have them burn out/short.

One thing you might find is if mobo parts are kept cooler it could help cpu temps as if there getting hot something else could get out of sync/slew as VRM's esp if run too hot cause many problems.

It's one of the things many don't consider with W/C'ing as cpu/gpu is cool but the other bit's arn't.

Still we move on! ciao
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Hi just been fishing on the net and found this..http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/coolers/display/thermalright-silver-arrow-sb-e-extreme_6.html

So maybe whizz the fans up somewhat? i take it your running from bios for fan control not sure what board you have now but try a fan profile or or setting?

Mine can have a fan profile plus preset modes so run on in turbo mode/extreme!
Those fans don't seem to work too well under 1200rpm with loading from what there writing?

I'd personally try something else to see what you can get with like the delta's as it could be at lower speed the motors don't have enough grunt (bollocks) to power stable at lower speeds and is reflecting/scattering the airflow back on it's self which in turn makes it harder for the fan to move it.
As the bigger the blades the more torque it needs to keep moving esp @low rpm's.

But i'd say give some others a go and try running of a controller so can adjust speeds to see what/where you gain/lose they did say they was pretty quiet at higher speeds than phanteks ones.

One thing i do think is that many of them lose performance with loss of air shaping as the AC coolers like my i30 and F13 etc come with a shroud/fan mounting which ensures most of the air is going through fins also the sides of finning is closed so less air spill.

As if you think about it if you blew through a tube 50mm+ across @ other end would just be some slight breeze but if you did same with a tube 10mm you could shoot a pea well across room etc.

On Amazon theres a write up from someone who say's he was getting 36.c on an O/C'd AMD cpu.

Another thing you could go with is a better rear fan which is in line with cpu fans as that ould be bouncing back air if it can't shift as much as cpu fans flow.(international delta to the rescue?) lol

Also whats the room/air like around your pc as if plonked on a radiator would be cooking like wise if by cool window opening would get cooler air. one reason to keep of the carpet etc as that radiates warmer air.

Try something like a glass table for instance.

Somewhat like if you have an empty say hall/big room just concrete floor then carpet it out then that room would be warmer/you'd notice it without any other heat source.

Theres quite a few reviews on fans out there but mostly for just retail/fancy one's but when they include delta or sanace type they always walk all over the the retail type's..

So off to Dexter's lab!!!.LOL
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Yeah definitely be careful bending it, you could try and punch some holes through to give it some breathing space tongue.gif

You could fit a 480 rad up in that top bay based on the pictures, may only need a slight mod to the top of the roof. I think that would look awesome. Be a tight squeeze looking at it, you should be able to pull it off nicely smile.gif

I am personally not a fan of acrylic res, however they do look great with UV dye. May stain bare that in mind.

Multi coloured LEDs fans are hideous I think lol. You could spray them and re-use them later on? biggrin.gif

I agree with you there, I have owned way too many fans over the years, based on aesthetics and performance, gone from LED and finally settled for non-LED (although I do miss my Xigmatek fans frown.gif )

It does sound like I have hit a wall with cooling, my board copes very well with my overclock fortunately. I may re-do the thermal paste as I did think "ah slightly too much, just slightly". I forgot how well they have smoothed out the base on this cooler.

I was going to buy a delta just for the pure fun of it lol, just to hear how loud and powerful they get. I'll never be able to control the thing properly.
As for the side case I opted for a window than a side panel frown.gif I found side fans really effect the airflow.

That said, I could always try and replace my VRM and NB heatsinks, they hit 26c-30c on average. GPU hovers from 25-28c. My room is cool which helps a lot smile.gif

My case is on a wooden desk type thing, no radiators around. My fans do whack up, got it to run at 2500 RPM when the CPU hits 45c. They run at 50% when they hit mid 30s.

Probably the best this cooler can do, funny enough I am now more worried about my idle temperatures than load temperatures!
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Hi not been on here for a while so have you got it chilled to perfection yet?
Those thors hammers on ebay have been shifting quickly looked at quite a few on there missed a few nice coolers(frio/megaheims/and other one they do/and some others but my AC i30 wasn't too bad.
But now on my W/C loop fester tfc xchanger or whatever they call it? 120mm with one of those Delta's on rear and cannibalised a 120mm 25mm for a shroud between it and rad as couldn't run it with rad against back of case in exhaust as wouldn't fit so had to go with pulling using 1/2" barbs with 7/16 id xspc uv/blue tubing then got 6 EK compression fittings inc meter of same tubing from someone which go nice together plus can unscrew so easy to change when go with 360 rad soon got an EK top for my D5 using rotary 90 for inlet and swivel able for out let then barb on 2nd outlet with a short length of tube with a ball valve with screw bung in end for drain port.
Got an XSPC RASA cpu block. what i also got was two long plexi bungs from lund that show light to front along it's length with led uv's first led(phobya) broke the wires too easy but c&c central sent me a new one comming tomorrow? so then drop fluid down and put some mayhems uv fluid so should then look ok?
Running @45'c max on prime 95.
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Haven't posted here in awhile been busy. My setup is cool and over the summer I plan to get the mod done (spray, cable management) the like.

Your build is coming on great and 45c on max is great! Nice looking setup biggrin.gif your setup looks great in terms of cooling also.

I would put a UV cathode on the top bracket to hide it or smaller ones dotted around, that'll look awesome! Seen as you are/have put UV fluid in your loop (awesome).
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