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You really just need a Phillips head screw driver. Which will com inside the d14 box. And for safety do it on a table and ground yourself from static electricity. Everything but attaching the cooler to the CPU is like Legos. Look up how to apply thermal paste to it. Here is a pic of which direction the d14 should go.

Here is what comes in the D14 box

here is all direction of fans. Note ignore the text at the bottom. Used this pic for another thread.

Here is a pic of how I have my D14 installed on my PC.

Note: I have a HAF XM 922 case. You case will be a tad smaller. Just save putting the cpu cooler in last.
Also make sure you have the large rectangle/ square backplate with the mobo. You will need it to attach the D14 for support.

Put the PSU then mobo in. Save the cooler for last. Also youtube will be your new best friend for this.
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