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I have yet to find any articles that compare performance comparison with core parking disabled vs enabled on i7 intell cpus with HT. The only thing i could find was the improvement in BF3, But much more interesting was the win rar improvement was like 40% that is a very substantial improvement. I wish someone would do a top to bottom I7 CPU performance review comparing all the cpu test done when a new cpu is tested.That would include thorough testing including gaming,sisoft sandra,AID 3dmark all the test a new cpu goes through
I wonder if is up to it

IS OVERCLOCK>NET UP TO THE CHALLENGE????? i bloody hope so:)

So far i have not seen any comparison core parking enabled and core parking disabled on i7 sandy and ivy cpus,along with gulftown and lynnfield i7s also. I am sure of it a lot of people would like to know.thumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gif