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o.c. help plz i7 3770k

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first off let me start by stating that I am a newb to O.C.ing

I have some questions about o.c.ing a 3770k first off I read that with stock heat sink under prime 95 the temps clime to 95 C before settling at around 86 C under the full load. I currently have mine under a stable o.c. of 4944 mghtz but my vcore sometimes peaks over 1.5 like 1.522.

I'm on an ASUS Sabertooth z77 mobo, with a push pull on a triple fan rad, and a single fan on a single fan rad. my temps climb to 95 C then settle at the high 70s low 80s C under full load, with my vcore temp slowly climbing to 40-50 C.

My main concerns were first off is it really bad to have the vcore go up over 1.5 because I have seen a lot of articles about ppl who have o.c.ed their 3770k to 5 ghtz, and I don't see how that is possible without putting your vcore over 1.5.

my secound concern is the temps, i believe the temps are fine since they are around the same as with the stock cooler without o.c.ing at all. and lastly about the vcore temp, it seem s to be a bit scary to me, but at the moment I don't have very good air circulation throughout the case, and the vcore isn't water cooled, which I intend to remedy by getting more case fans.
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1.5v is excessive for 5ghz. If you need that kind of vcore to be stable, back off on your overclock. Try to keep your load temps under 80C as best as you can.
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even when i have my vcore at 1.45 i still get warnings that my vcore is going over 1.5, and are their other settings i can play with so get a better stable oc with less power, all i have messed with is the multiplier and the vcore, fyi asus mobo already upped bkclk to 103.0 mghtz
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Did you follow a guide? Are you using a fixed or offset voltage? Do you have LLC on? If so, what level is it set to?
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no I didn't i read about it a little, and the mobo, makes it look simple enough.

ofset is on, because i was told it had to be on in order to clock down the cpu when it doesnt need to go fast, and i have no idea what LLC is
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Read this, it will point you in the right direction.
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these are my figures and i have multiplier at 46 this is the highest 100% stable clock i got, but my vcore occasionally jumps over 1.5 but is over 1.5 very bad? or just a suggestion?
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1.52v is the absolute maximum for a safe 24/7 overclock. I'd recommend dropping your bclk to 100.00 and multiplier to 45, vcore to 1.25v. Work your way up from there, stress testing along the way. Read the guide I linked, it will help. Good luck! thumb.gif

Avoid using apps to overclock. Change your settings directly in the BIOS.
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thanks a lot for the help I will take everything into consideration, and the guide looks very helpful. and thanks for the starting point. I had a feeling around the bclk and was leaning the same way as my biggest clock of 4.9 ghtz the bclk is at 100.

thanks again for all your help i will reply when i get the best stable oc i can get
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the bios confuses me the settings are different and all the wording is different
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