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I'm using two, old WD740GD in RAID0 (Intel ICH10 controller on ASUS P6TD Deluxe).

Recently I updated Intel RST (Rapid Storage Technology) drivers and run HDTune just to check if it performs better or worse after the update.

...and I'm worried about the results. The access time. On attached screenshot we can see access time graph creates two - lets call it - clouds. And the average is 12.9ms while single disk reaches ~7.5ms. So it's almost doubled!

I'm suspecting different firmware on WDs: one is WD740GD-50FLA2 and the second is WD740GD-50FLC0.

Am I right with my suspisions?
What could be the reason (if there is other)?
Is there a way to fix it or make it perform better?


PS: That's my first post here so - HELLO EVERYBODY !