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help with HyperX 1866 1.5v

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Hi. I have a video editing rig, and that's all I do with it. I just upgraded to 32 GB 1866 HyperX ram. (Specs below)
Question is, with the xmp file strapped to 1866, I am only getting 1146MHz speed, timing is good though, at 9, 10, 9, 27.

With 16 gb, I get exactly 1866 out of it, but adding the other 16, it drops that low. (That may be normal, but I am not sure)

I have tried to oc it a bit, but it just wont boot most of the time when i do. (Probably need help there too)

when it does boot, after about 10 tries, I get 11, 11, 11, 36, timing, and 1400 MHz speed, and unstable as heck! (bsod)

I am thinking about getting a better board with better native 1866 32gb support, (Any suggestions on that one would be great)

(The ram is KHX18C9T2K2/16X / 16 GB kits, 2x8 each kit, in dual channel mode)

Thank you guys a bunch.


not sure if you can see my rig(sig) below, but here it is just in case:

Asrock 970 extreme3 board
-AMD fx 8120 eight core
-GTX 670 2gb video
-32 gb 1866 HyperX preditor ram (4x8)
-120gb HyperX SSD
-1.5T western digital sata3 7200rpm
Corsair TX650 PSU in therm. 6W case.
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Try manually raising the subtimings (especially tRFC, if you're on Intel) and/or the command rate.
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would that work the same on AMD? I don't know if you you could see my rig below my post, so I put it in my post just in case.

Thanks for the fast reply though.

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Here is an update. I manually set the cpu multiplier to 17.5 and the cpu voltage to 145. that seems to be stable at 3.5 on the cpu and the 32 gbs of memory is stable at 1720MHz. The timings are still at 9-10-9-27. what should I adjust next to try and achive 1866 with the same timings ( or close)
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Try higher CPU/NB voltage (don't know hot it's called in ASRock BIOS).
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I brought the cpu/nb voltage up a bit, and increased the cpu freq to 233. This brought me to 1864 MHz with the amd 8120 running at 4077.63 MHz. I only have the stock cooler. I may have to get a better cooler before I attempt to bring it up any higher.
my desktop manager just closed, (which indicates a bit of instability) I wonder if I should lower the cpu voltage or the nb voltage one notch and see where that puts me.
when the system is in idle, the cpu drops to 1631 MHz, but jumps right up to 4077 soon as I open a program.

My timings are steady at 9-10-9-27, but my rig is acting a tiny bit funny. I am suddenly getting a warning that windows performance is slow, and wants to switch to win basic desktop mode. (Heat issue or under/over voltage issue)?

for the workstation level work that I do, I wonder if it would benefit me to buy a really good board to replace the asrock 970 extreme3, or upgrade the processor to the 8350?

or drop this high performance ram back to 1734.

What would you suggest at this point?

Thanks again.
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if it's not stable, I'd just drop the RAM frequency down to where it was
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