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I bought a Lacie d2 quadra USB 3 external HDD, supposedly a v3. I'm going to use it for both system image and file backup and nothing else. I have never had an external HDD before so I have some noob questions.

When I first plugged it in, I used the provided setup software to see what it was about, and there are some files left on the drive after setup.

1. Is it recommended to keep those files, or should I just wipe the drive clean and then use other software for automatic backups etc.?

2. Will deleting those files render the Lacie Desktop Manager useless? Because I would like to keep the power saver feature on the disk.

3. Is the power saver feature completely internal or does Windows control it?

4. Does anyone know what brand HDD is inside a Lacie d2 quadra V3?

5. Should I use the hardware power switch to turn it off when my computer is off or is that unnessecary?

Many questions, but please answer those you know.