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Hey guys, just looking for some help. Trying to create a manageable airflow plan for my case. I want to incorporate a fan controller and some Noiseblocker fans. I have somewhat of an idea in regards to wattage per channel and other specs of a fan controller, just looking to cement my decision with your input.

If any of you have better suggestions in terms of fan controllers or fans, I would love to hear it.

The fan controller I want to use is: Bitfenix Recon (I am also considering the NXZT Mesh fan controller)

I wanted to put 2 x 120mm fans per channel (4 total fans for my radiator) : Noiseblocker PWM 120mm

I am also going to add 4 x 140mm fans to my case and was hoping I could do 2 per channel as well (at least) ; Noiseblocker 140mm (from what I see, NB doesn't make a PWM fan in 140mm)

I have an NZXT switch 810. I have removed the bottom HDD cage.

Here is my plan for airflow.

Thanks for your help.