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hello i wanted to buy a ips monitor cause im going into photo arts and such but i also game so i wanted to strike a balance between these two

i had a 2711 dell a while ago and the overshoot blur was just not acceptable at all.
this is also my scare if these ips monitors on a good note i used to have a shimian achieva but it broke down to my own fault -.- DAMNED moving.
this monitor had no overshoot and realy realy minor ghosting, after this i bought a gaming grade asus 120 hz monitor the one with nvidia 3d in it
and i noticed minor ghosting on this one aswel ghosting in this degree is very acceptable.

so i hope you guys can give me some info and input so i can make a solid choise

note: i got a calibrator device the xrite pro thingy biggrin.gif