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BF3 is developed for the PC .... they separated the two teams.


Game developers would be stupid to prioritize console development above PC development.
That said, they're already doing it. Crysis 2 is the worst example of this that I have encountered. There is VERY little different in game between the lowest settings and everything maxed out.
I am dearly hoping that Crysis 3 has this resolved, and from what I have seen from videos in YouTube, especially those showcasing the Cryo 3 engine, this has been somewhat resolved.

Console gaming is capped by it's hardware, and the current generation of consoles are using very outdated components, despite the fact that they remarket the same crap again and again.
I don't hate console gaming, but having recently switched from Xbox 360 to PC, I have begun to notice why gaming on consoles is vastly inferior, from a graphical standpoint.

Just my opinion.