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I went with the ASUS Z87i-Deluxe, which has a perfect socket location for Silver Arrow and Node 304.
Impact has the same location but it has beefier VRM cooling, so I'm not 100% sure if it's gonna conflict with the Silver Arrow's heatpipes or not. Chances are, it won't. If you look closely and compare, Impact's VRM heatsink is a bit lower than that of Deluxe's... But, again, I can't say it for sure.

Another Mobo that I'm sure will work is the EVGA Z87 Stinger.
Thanks some nice info. I wish I could still get the Impact. I like its audio solution. But on the other hand, I like how the Z87i-Pro and Deluxe models have a DVI port (for my Qnix Qx2710 in case the video card goes kaput), more USB ports at the back and more SATA ports as you can actually install 6 drives in the Node 304 case.

Can you post some pics of your rig? Specifically the internals? I'd like to see the clearances between the cooler and graphics cards, the PSU area, the HDD area, clearance between the motherboard VRM and the cooler and whatever you think is noteworthy? I'd really appreciate that mate.