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P8P67 LE : USB data transfer speed TOO low....

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Hi Guys, good evening... Here in Brazil for once.

Looking for some new ideas , insights, ..., or something else
that help me normalize data transfer speed when my PC is copying files
to/from HDD connected USB2 or USB3.

My PC:

- Asus P8P67 LE
- Intel i7 2600K 3.40GHz
- Bios: 3608
- Video card AMD HD6870 2GB
- Windows 7 x64 (registered and updated)
- Systemn HD = SSD Kingston 128GB.
All hardware, Win7 and other soft are updated.

- Games, movies, videos, mp3 or softwares created by me are
stored in 7 internal Sata 3 HDs: 3x2TB - 4x1TB (NTFS)
- External HDDs:
. 1 Goflex Desk for Mac USB2 (3TB, three NTFS partitions 1TB each one)
. 2 WD USB3 1TB
. 2 Samsung USB2 1TB

In fact, I need every byte, mega, giga ou terabyte to store hd movies created
by me from my Bluray and DVD discs. After conversion,. hd movies must be
copied to external HDDs, After that, connected in bd player, I have one good
movies list to watch. "De quebra", original discs: free or damage.

Copy process starts showing transfer speed of 430MB/s (+/-) estimating
job's end few minutes later..

Therefore, one minute later, something terrible "and mucho loco" happens.
Data transfer speed brutal and suddenly begins to decrease, decrease,
decrease, decrease without any warning... Simply is decreasing until
transfer rate is below 10MB/s and job finish between 2 or 5 hours.

This phenomenom happens since I updated BIOS version 1104 to 3602.
Right now, version 3608, but.....

How can I fix this?

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Microsoft released a patch a while ago that might address your issue.

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Vou ver do que se trata.
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Hotfix was patched.

After patch, USB transfer rate is decreasing as expected (almost).

After many large files were transferred to external hdd, inform you that data transfer rate starts at 400MB/s.
Seconds later, transfer rate decreases until speed meter normalizes between 46-47MBs (USB3)
and 42-45MB/s to USB2. This values are kept until the end of job.

Otherwise, restarting PC to boot XP x32 SP3, these measures changed to 46-49MB/s (USB3) and 41-43 (USB2).

Well... These rates never were lower than 80MB/s (USB3).
But I am very glad for your help...... Because copy hd files (to/from external hdd) at 3MB/s.... is punishment....
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