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Projected Post Deployment Build

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So with time to kill in between work, sleep, and working out (while being deployed) I get to read reviews/builds/and upcoming projects to pass the time. So, I have a buddy who wants to buy my rig once we return and with that happening (and being addicted to building/modding computers) I'm starting to list my parts for my post deployment build.

Pretty much I'll be starting from scratch and I won't be using case! I have another friend who wants to help me rebuild/mod my wooden desk (wood working is his hobby and he has all the power hand/table tools in his garage to make this happen). So for the time being here's a list of parts that might change (pending price per performance).

List of PC Components:

CPU - Intel 3770K (will be overclocked)
MB - MSI z77 MPower (I love the look of this board)
*Memory - G.Skill Snipers 16GB (2x8, leaves me room to add another two sticks should I need it)
SSD - Kingston Hyper X 3K 240GB (x2 for Raid 0)
HHD - WD Black 1TB (storage drive)
*Monitor - LG IPS 237L x3 eyefinity or LG IPS 277L x2(this will dictate what GPUs I choose, this is also dependant on the price and reviews once these monitors are released for retail)
*GPU - MSi twin frozr 3GD5 HD7950 x2 xfire/// or MSI N670GTX-PM2D2GD5/OC x2 SLi
PSU - SILVERSTONE SST-ST1000-G Evolution 1000W (I will be sleeving my cables so I choose this one from reviews and comments in the other forums)
Acc. - BitFenix Recon Fan Controller

List of WC Components:

Fans - Xigmatek XAF-F1454 x 4
- Noiseblocker NB-eLoop b12-3 1900RPM x 6 (will be set up for push/pull on Rad)
CPU Block - Koolance CPU-380i
GPU Block - Koolance (depends ont the GPUs I select for the build)
*RAD - Alphacool NexXxos Monsta 360 radiator (unless someone with more WC experience thinks I might need the 480 to cool my cpu & gpus)
Fittings - Most likely be Koolance QDC connectors
Tubing - brand and color will be choosen closer to the build (depends on the theme)
Coolant - most likely Distilled H2O w/additives

***Depending on the spacing on the desk, will dictate what Res/pump set up I will choose for build***

This is pretty much my list so far in a nutshell. Comments welcome.
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If you are getting SSDs, I would just get a Blue drive (or Green) for storage unless you can find the Black on sale. No reason to pay extra for the Black if it is only bulk storage. You could also get by with less PSU if you wanted, even 750W is enough for 7950 CrossFire, although I'd probably spring for an 850W if you plan to overvolt and watercool them. Still won't use 1000W though.

And three monitors would be better for gaming, with only two you'd still be gaming on a single screen.
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Before I left I was gaming on a 24" 1920 x1200 and have a second for monitor for surfing and what not. So I haven't tried eyefinity yet... but like I said about the monitor choices I'm waiting for them to come out and be reviewed (plus price will play a factor). Yeah, I wasn't sure if 1k was overkill but I guess I could get the silverstone strider gold evo 850.
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