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First off I'd just like to say that the search bar up there is an amazing tool for finding exactly what I want to know! I should visit this site more often for my computer questions.

Now on to the monitor.

After reading multiple topics on this subject I'd like to mash all the info into one topic so I can get a better understand of what is "good" and what is "bad".

From reading previous topics my hardware can effect the outcome of a monitor choice.
The key points of my build:
i5-2500k sandy bridge CPU
Radeon HD 7770 GPU Using an HDMI cable running directly from the GPU

If you need to know ram, mobo, or power supply spec then just lmk.

Now one thing I've noticed when people are asking for what type of monitor to get the people trying to help are the "go big or go home" type. My budget is about $200 to MAYBE $250/

That being said how big of a difference would 60Ghz and 120Ghz actually make? I plan on gaming mostly FPS type games so twtich action is in play here.

Refresh rate. Lower the better I assume. Is there a huge difference between 12, 8, and 2 MS response times? I'm a gamer sure and I enjoy pwning me some noobs =p. But is the price between, if there is a huge difference, worth it?

Correct me if I'm wrong but do those 2 go hand in hand?

Contrast ratio. I've seen monitors with 1,000:1 and others that are 50,000,000:1. I'm basically clueless when it comes to contrast ratio. I've read it determines colour quality? So the higher:1 ratio would be better correct? And at what point does it just become ridiculous?

And finally pannels. I know little to nothing about this subject.

Based off this information do you guys think you could help me make an EDUCATED decision on which monitor would best suit me?
I can tell you now size isn't a problem. I'm fine with a 22", 24", or 26". 26" is kind of pushing it to be big for me as I'll be sitting about a foot and a half away from my monitor. Btw there will never be a problem with a sunlight glare on my screen.

Newegg, tigerdirect, etc links are much appreciated to if you don't mind. smile.gif

/e I just deiscovered those sticky topics. tonguesmiley.gif
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