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Going to repost this from the BSOD and Debugging forum since I don't think this really falls under that.

I've had my 2500k and ASRock Extreme4 Gen3 for over a year now and I can't say I've had one issue outside of testing for stability on overclocks. I even upgraded my GPU and PSU recently (early October) with absolutely no issues at all outside of the recently awful beta drivers from nVidia (310.33). With a revert back it was fixed and everything has been going perfectly.

I've had this overclock for a bit, but I got a replacement CPU fan and wanted to check if it gave similar temps as the last. To do that I ran the usual Prime95 custom blend for about 12 hours with 10 minute ffts (overkill i know).

System is stable under Prime95 (48 hours) and Intel Burn Test (2 hours) with 90%+ ram used. I've passed Memtest86+ with and without an overclock while being on for over a day each time. Artifacting tests on my GPU always pass as well.

I got curious and checked for WHEA errors (here, here and here) in the logger and found none, so that was obviously good, but through a search I found this. They're registered as information and I've had to been getting these long as I've used this PC, since the logs haven't seemed to slow in their occurrence over the last three months. I'm coming off as a bit paranoid, but honestly I'm curious if this is something that matters or this is truly just another log for windows that shouldn't take up my time. Sorry if this post was a bit long.

Thanks for reading and thanks for any replies in advance.