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Cooling issue

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Hi there, this is about my i5 2500k.

I've been running Watercooling for the last year, when I first fitted it I was getting incredible temps (20c idle and barely hitting 50c on full load) and in the last week I decided to clean the watercooling loop and refitted it, I noticed that my temps was no where near what they used to be and I was fine with that (5c here and there) and I was messing around with the volts and starting to overclock the processor only to find out that my temps was rising to 70-80c which was worrying, I just thought my loop was blocked so decided to remove it.

I've just fitted back my stock cooler as I decided I was too lazy to bother with overclocking anyway only to notice that my temps are hitting 80-90 which is obviously not very safe and afaik when I first had the stock cooler I was getting 60c max at load, is there something wrong with my cooler or my chip?

Any help would be lovely.
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You might want to clean your cpu off with some rubbing alcohol and some paper towels then re-apply some thermal paste. that happened to me and my temps were back to normal,
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well, if youve tried 2 different coolers and neither will work, it is more likely that you need a new chip.

did you forget the thermal paste?? because that is kind of important.
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I'm so embarrassed right now, thanks for the replies guys but seems the wire on my pump from watercooler had broken (The pins had come off and I hadn't noticed), I'm back to my normal temps now!

http://i.imgur.com/SuNDk.png - certainly looking better than 80c on stock heatsink!
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heh that'd be the primary reason why i never went liquid biggrin.gif when the waterpump dies, your system is screwed biggrin.gif in an air cool system the heatsink is still doing "some" passive cooling if the fan died. with liquid.... you're just boiling water till your chip dies.
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