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hi guys,

just letting you know that its sorted now. i had a fiddle in the CCC and i had it set to Adaptive multi sample AA in the anti aliasing mode, so i changed it to Multi sample AA and now i have everything maxed out and and mutlisampling on 8x and my fps is 49- 60.

my 3dmark11 score was

Graphics Card
AMD Radeon HD 7970
VendorAsustek Computer, Inc.# of cards1SLI / CrossFire Off Memory3072 MBCore clock300 MHzMemory clock150 MHzDriver nameDriver version9.10.8.0Driver statusNot FM Approved
AMD FX-8350
Processor clock4126 MHzPhysical / logical processors1 / 8# of cores8
Operating system64-bit Windows 7 (6.1.7601)MotherboardASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0Memory8192 MBModule 14096 MB Corsair 9 @ 667 MHzModule 24096 MB Corsair 9 @ 667 MHzHard drive model480GB Corsair Force GS ATA Device
3DMark Score P8347 Graphics Score 9138 Physics Score7156 Combined Score5968 Graphics Test 143.48 FPS Graphics Test 246.5 FPS Graphics Test 358.81 FPS Graphics Test 425.53 FPS Physics Test22.72 FPS Combined Test27.76 FPS

is this good? so long as its not a hardware problem i am happy now smile.gif
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The score seems about right. Graphics score is actually higher than some of the scores I've seen but your overall score is being held back by the CPU, which is kinda expected.
So yea it doesnt seem to be an hardware issue.

Giving you two benchmarks by different users so you can compare:
Link 2
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Cool. I will try overclocking my CPU after Christmas to 4.2. It's suppose to be easy with my motherboard and CPU smile.gif
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