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Recently I was given an ASUS NCT-D motherboard and it starting giving me some ideas about building a server. For those of you that aren't familiar with Nocona processors, they're Socket 603/604 Intel Xeons, single core each (I have 3.2Ghz/800Mhz FSB Xeon's). The ASUS NCT-D motherboard I got from one of my friends is pretty nice actually, dual socket CPU with plenty of PCI and PCI-X sockets.

However after a lot of pondering, I found myself continuing to ask the question: are these processors still able to put out enough power to do things other than file managing? I'm looking to do a couple things with it actually:

-Run some low end game servers for friends: Minecraft and Terraria, nothing big like BF3 or Crysis
-Home files server that can hold movies, music, etc...
-Folding both CPU's
-Investing in a mildly decent video card (5830/50/70) to do some Bitcoin mining.

Unfortunately this era of computing is way outside my age, so I have no idea how these processors still match up. What do you guys think? Are my Nocona processors and board now obsolete, or are they still worth hanging on to for my needs?