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I'd be grateful if anyone could help me with picking up the right display setup for me.
I am buying a new computer very soon and right now I am looking for the exact components I'll need.
I am looking for the most color accurate display I can get within a budget of around 700-800$ I also want it to be rather large for viewing from greater distance.
how important is screen response times? since they are all so fast anyways I mean the highest i've seen is 15ms and I think it is too fast for us to actually notice while gaming but please correct me if i'm wrong.
my first go to display was the 27" made by dell(u2711) but recently they released a new model named u2713HM and it got me confused a little is to which one is actually better... and I also heard about NEC which are supposed to be the top of the line screens for color accuracy but at the same time they cost quite a bit more so I'll have to settle on a 24" NEC display.

there's also the possibility of getting 2 dell 24" displays for the same price and aligning them together...

and now I hear that samsung LG and other major companies are starting to create worthy displays to compete with dell's lineup.

I know this isn't the right subforum for that but I figured I might just ask anyways... which GPU would be recommended for me if I'm using a
27" monitor with 2560 x 1440 resolution? what about 2 24" monitors with 1920x1200 resolution?

will the screen edges in the middle of a 2 monitors setup be bothersome while playing games/watching movies?
the main games I'll be playing are League of Legends/GW2 so nothing too graphic intensive.

Thank you for your time!