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AMD A8-3870k BlackEdition Overclocking Guide

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Hello everyone great to be apart of overclock.net

I am fairly new to all of this and this is my first time building my own system i have just a couple of questions.

1. What is the proper way to overclock this processor and how far can i actually go.
2. should i buy an aftermarket heat sink or can i keep the original and overclock it?
3. is there a tutorial were it will show me step by step how to overclock this exact processor

i am open to any new recommendations and ideas thank you all

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system specs

AMD A8-3870k black edition
corespeed: 3.0 GHz

RAM 8 Gigs
speed: PC3-10700H (667 MHz)
size: 4096 MBytes

Acer G195w

revision: Rev X.0x

cooler master 700w

Radeon HD 6850
memoryclock: 1000 MHz
coreclock: 775 MHz
memory: 1024 MBytes

windows ultimate 64 bit
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Hey, welcome to ocn


1. You overclock it like any other amd cpu. Raise the multiplier first as much as you can before it gets instable, raise the vcore, raise the fsb (front side bus x multiplier=frequency) You will reach the max according to how good quality the voltage reg on your board are. The more vrms, the better. Your vrms are not heatsinked! At least buy vrm hs before you overclock because if they get too hot they break.

2. Buy an aftermarket one! Don't oc with the stock hs.

3. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/a8-3870k-apu-overclocking-guide,3260.html


EDIT: Here is an example of vrm heatsinks



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Hey thanks for the reply man good advise and help

how so would i do this i know my bios is ai suite 2 so would i do this in the ai tweeker?? and i have never tryed this before so i dont really know what to do
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Yeah in the ai tweaker if I still remember when I was using an asus board. BTW have you updated your bios to the newest version? Always do that before

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im not sure how to do that.
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Download the bios from the asus website for your particular board, load it onto a fat32 formatted usb stick. (Only fat32!) Then when in the bios find the option to "flash bios". If I'm correct you can find that option by going to the last or second last register in the bios and somewhere there you should be able to find the option.

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well thanks man im gonna get right on it,

another thing ithe only computer store in my city witch is Calgary Alberta Canada is Memory Express www.memoryexpress.com

and everytime i go in there for help i dont seem to really get it they just say what they want the push me to buy there product and send me on my way

so im looking to really learn and expand my skills and actully learn how to porperly install products and the do's and dont's lol
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and i currently have the most updated bios
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Ok so I did what u said went to asus.com.
Downloaded most recent bios and I formatted my USB to fat32. And I put it on there and I went and flashed my bios. Now my computer won't boot up. It keeps blue screening at the windows startup logo!!

Now what do I do!
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