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New Phone From Jolla Mobile Unveil Weds Nov 21

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As the new year approaches we've seen some great new mobiles. From the Iphone 5 to Android 4.2 on the Nexus4, new innovation and better updates have dominated the newswire. We now have seen that Blackberry 10 will be unveiling on Jan 30. Exciting times. But during this season very few have mentioned Jolla Mobile, whom I think may be the dark-horse in mobile devices in the near future.

Jolla Mobile (which means sailfish in Fin, small agile boat) is a Finish startup founded from the Nokia N9 team. It's CEO Jussi Jurmola have been hard at work with the follow up to MeegoOS phone. If you don't know, Meego was the last Nokia proprietary OS that basically spearheaded the swipe and shortcut movement that greatly enhances user interaction. One swipe and hold can launch specifically set apps from almost any screen. One swipe from an edge can dismiss or close any app. It makes using a smartphone intuitively quick and fluid. You no longer had to go through the living room (back to main menu button) before going from one room (app) to another (app). We've also seen Samsung Galaxy devices, Windows 8 Surface, Nexus 4 (4.2), and Blackberry 10 to use some form of gestures in their devices. (I hoped that new Nokia WM8 phones would have the same type of gesture based browsing the W8 Surface had. Maybe in future updates.) So many companies have realized that potential.

It will be interesting to see exactly what kind of device Jolla will unveil. It's CEO have already announced that they have already found the phone device that will carry their new JollaOS. It'll be interesting to see if it's indeed an upgrade over the N9 and Blackberry 10 devices. Since the N9, its Meego team have learned a critical lesson; The new Jolla device will support all Android apps. This truly gives Jolla device dark-horse status as it could very well be one of the most innovative devices with practical usage with Android's app ecosystem. However we will have to see if it suffers the same fate as Nokia N9; It had little to no marketing from Nokia and CEO Elop, especially in large mobile phone markets like the US. It's also unknown whether the screen, camera, and phone design can top the old N9 and new 920 with their clear black display, one piece polycarbonate shell, and Nokia exclusive apps. Whether Jolla will gain a foothold with its new offering we will have to see, but I am sure excited what they will come up with this coming Wed.

Old Interview:

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Interested too, although now that I'm a Galaxy Note II owner, i kinda doubt my allegiance to Meego (I loved my N900 though, and the N9, while cool, just didn't have the specs of a "high-end" phone when it released)
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That was actually one of two phones I was contemplating on. The I ventured out on new phones, the more frustrated I got. The intuitive swipe gestures is so hard to let go. Imagine not having to tap the home button every time you want to change apps, or dismiss something. It's like what I read in a "week-later" Lumia 920 review: it sucks when IE8 (for 7.5) and 9 have to go back to the main screen just to go backwards and forwards to browse.

More info has been speculated on Jolla's Wikipedia page:


With Meego phone estimated to sell from 600,000 to over 2 million worldwide, it'll be very interesting to see how Jolla will be received.
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Jolla is only presenting their UI and SDK, not the phones.

Maybe they'll surprise us though.
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Slush 2012 is a startup conference afterall for the investors. Jolla have been very tightlipped about what they'll unveal. They will for sure talk about their SDK and UI. From previous interviews and tweets they have indicated that they found Chinese manufacturer and model to produce their phone. Whether they'll be letting us know in addition to the UI will have to wait to be seen. Nokia/jolla team had done a great job with the Meego UI; I don't know what else is there for them to improve that is significant enough to call them their own UI.
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