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Originally Posted by nyk20z3 View Post

How much of a difference in temp do you think it will make ?

Well, depending on how well I did, I could see as much as a 5-7 degree Celsius reduction in temps. Most lappers report around 5 degrees for a moderately good job, and I'm crossing my fingers the extra time spent on it will pay off! wink.gif
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Originally Posted by wrxxx View Post

dont sweet talk me! ill have none of it

Hahahaha. Are we talking CPU lapping?
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Originally Posted by frank anderson View Post

My favorite picture..
That is a absolute beauty, I am definitely looking forward to the finished product.. Waiting for more thumb.gif

I love love love the black mesh fan grill against the white chassis. The contrast is beautiful!
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CPU Block Installed!

After a good precautionary day (or four) of letting the CPU dry off, it's seated with the XSPC Raystorm block and Koolance QDCs.

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XFire/ SLI Block Installation

I picked up a Swiftech Xfire/SLI triple block to connect my spanned GPUs. I like to give them a little room in the middle and space them out so the triple block comes in nicely for that. Since the triple block has 6 ports on the bottom and two on each side, it's got quite a bit of holes to plug. My solution? LED plugs. I soldered 4 plugs together and ran into a 3 pin fan connector. This will be ran up front and controlled alongside all the other white lights in the case.

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Miscellaneous Update

My front panel USB 3.0 bay was bright silver, as was my DVD drive, so on went a healthy dosing of acoustic foam. The USB bay will be sitting directly below the dual bay reservoir so I used the extra space on the sides to insert 2 - 4" UV cathodes. These connect to a transformer mounted underneath and will be routed to the 'UV Channel' on the fan controller.

Also to prep was the front single fan that'll be placed below the drive bays, in front of the SSD rack.

Which left me with one of the biggest problems I haven't been able to solve. Where to put my 3.5" 2TB HDD? The SSD rack could technically hold three drives and I could always mount a light SSD many more places than a heavy HDD. What I didn't like was the non-uniformity that 2 SSDs and 1 HDD presented. 3 SSDs together looks much nicer. So searching around the case led me to try out under the PSU. Perfect fit! There's a 2 mm gap between the bottom of the HDD and the lip of the rear rad which will support the drive if the industrial-strength double-sided tape I used ever comes loose.

Which brings me to here. I've started on the custom DVD drive + 3 SSD SATA power line that'll run all the way to the rear of the case. Once I get the rack mocked up and measure the length, the sleeving and connector assembly can commence.

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SSD cage + DVD drive power cable finished and installed!

Also, a little wire management courtesy of industrial strength hot glue and wire saddles.

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Now that I'm finally getting most of the components in the rig, I'm starting to deal with the cable routing beast. Being an entirely open case, it's quite the challenge to route all the necessary cables and wires. Note I didn't say impossible!
I've got a vision of all of the various SATA power, SATA data, molex power, and WC tube to run parallel to each other to span the gap from front to rear. Keeping with a TRON-esque theme, the straight lines with UV blue underglow spanning across the case could very well help that theme.
So, I am open, as always, to suggestions on cable routing/ management thus far! I'm working with 36" SATA data cables and custom everything else. If I need to lengthen it, it's not a large problem. What are y'alls thoughts? Keep the straight lines? Ditch them and route in the corner? Go straight across the air gap to the mobo? Use alien technologies and put all these cables in my brain and control CPUs by blinking?

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I just got in a couple different types of printer sticker paper to print my custom stickers! I'm perfecting the sizes in my vector program and then I'll compare the paper against each other. I'm looking at putting custom stickers on the PSU, RAM, the 'spine' of the video cards, and possibly one other location I'm still thinking on!

In other semi-build related news, I just got in some macro extension tubes for my Rebel T4i, so macro here we come! I have to practically have the lens on the item I want to shoot but man is it macro!
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Sleeving and Stickers!

A small update for you guys. My massive order of MDPC-X arrived, and I got some time to print, laminate, and apply the PSU sticker!

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