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which 7950 to get

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i have now birthday next week and will use the money on a new graphics card, i have chosen it to be a 7950 and i had chosen the vapor-x version from sapphire, but then i realised that the gpu water block that i will get soon and watercool it doesnt fit that one, but it looks like a 7970 block would fit on this one, anyone who could confirm this?
so the other one im thinking about is twin frozr from msi.
i am mainly looking for biggest overclocking potential with custom bios and reaching max clock and benchmarking score from this, but will also be able to play some games. i will be watercooling it soon, i will be overclocking it, and i will eventually get atleast a second one of these and crossfire them, maybe triple or quadfire in the end. so it would have to have ability for more then 2 cards in cf, but i think every card has that now?

so if really my question is, does the 7970 waterblock works on vapor-x 7950? and which 7950 is best for overclocking, and if it exists which 7950's have a dual bios switch?

EDIT: btw, anyone know's which 7950's have voltage lock and not? since my current 6950 is voltage locked and really annoying me
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This website will help you a lot: http://www.coolingconfigurator.com/

This is EK's cooling configurator. Enter the brand and model of video card and EK will tell you if they have any full cover waterblock solutions for that PCB. Why would you try to put a 7970 block on a 7950? EK does make 7950 full coverage blocks.

That being said, if you plan on going the watercooling route, don't waste your money on a card that has a big, bulky cooler (for instance, the Twin Frozr). Manufacturers usually charge more for this, and if you plan on watercooling that extra money could be used on a nice waterblock or some nicer fittings, etc. As for the voltage lock, I'm not entirely sure. I would go with an XFX card, those have always proved very overclockable and voltage unlocked for me (I've owned their 6870, and now own an XFX 6990).

As a side note, happy early birthday and welcome to OCN thumb.gif
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hi, thanks for the birthday congratulations and welcome smile.gif

firstly, im really sorry for this age long answer, but i managed to fail the flash of my graphics card (not bought 7950 yet so not that one tongue.gif ), and have taken me a while to get it fixed again ^^

but now i have gotten a lot of research done also and i found out i will get the gigabyto windforce version, since where i live is very limited choices, and this was one of the cheapest capable ones and im certain it has voltage control so smile.gif

case closed biggrin.gif
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