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I just recently bought a Filco Majestouch 2 Cherry MX Red Switch 87 Key keyboard, and for the most part, I love it. Small form factor, love the cherry reds, but it is a bit too high off the desk and I've never really liked the old-school keys. I seem to always press multple keys as I'm more used to the keys that most rubber domes use; which seem to be flatter or have a slightly less dome profile (curvature?). I'm getting used to it, like I was getting used to the blackwiddow I had before it, and I'm grabbing some wrist pads for it, but I'm also looking at the G80-3800.

Are the keys on the 3800 more like most rubber domes? Do they deviate from the traditional keys much? I prefer more flat keys; actually, I love the older school laptop keyboards, or the microsoft wave keyboard, but I love the mechanical switch. But you won't find these keyboards with cherry reds. I've read a review that says the quality isn't as great as Cherry's typical builds, but should fair well, eh?