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Please help bios update problem

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hi guys

i have a asus sabertooth 990fx rv.2

i have have just done a bios update from the asus website using a usb stick and ez flash in the bios. it said it was sucessful and the reset, it came up with a black screen with some writing on. it said press f1 to enter bios settings or enter to recover bios settings. i pressed f1 and didn`t know what to do so i exited the bios. then the screen just stayed black, so i turn off my pc and turned it back on then it booted straight to windows without entering any bios screen at all. i rebooted and now everything in the bios looks different and i do not know what to do, i had to set my ssd to boot first then reset and windows said it had to recover now. also my bios start up screen looks different it looks cheaper and smaller tha b4.

i just don`t know what to do or set right in the bios please help me
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when you got back in to the bios did you load optimized defaults ? and put your ssd on ahci or whatever you need. when you flash the bios it will update it so some things will look different. the bios start up screen can be changed when you are flashing your bios so maybe it came with a different picture. you can reflash it and add a different picture if you wanted.
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no i didn`t load optimized defaults, my ssd and other driver are already on ahci.

should i go to the bios and load optimized defaults now? and will i need to change anything ?
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load optimized defaults and it should load defaults for all your hardware, put the ssd back on ahci and select your boot order then try to reboot and see what happens.
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do i put all my hard drives on ahci coz they are now i think and i only have my ssd in the boot order is that right?
will i have to install the ahci driver from my motherboard disk again ?
why did windows need to recover b4 ?
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Im not sure why windows had to recover before, the ssd on my pc will always default to ide for some reason, so i always have to set it back to ahci manually. we have different boards so this might not be the case for you. as far as boot order having your ssd is fine. might have to change it someday if you are trying to boot from disc but its no problem. you shouldnt have to reinstall any drivers
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ok thank you i will try it. i am really scared lol. i wish i never touched the bios.

but the guy who installed my motherboard said he didnt touch anything in the bios so restoring optimized defaults should get it back to what it was i hope ?

i will try.
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it probably will except for the boot logo, play around in the bios and check everything out and get familiar with it. there is nothing to be scared of really,but i know how you feel as i felt that way once. someday you might want to get in there and overclock something.
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ok i have done it, the only thing i have to change was the boot and cool n quiet. the logo still looks different and i can`t see my ssd driver listed in the sata part only my hard drives and my disk drive but i think it was like that b4 ?

i still worried something isn`t right tho lol
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yeah if you wanted the old logo you can reflash and ad a custom picture, or the old picture. im trying to think of why your ssd wouldnt be listed but i remember my amd board doing this too. im not sure the remedy. you are using your ssd right now though so its definitely installed.

sounds like you are good except for your boot screen,but that doesnt effect performance. you can turn off the full screen boot logo too but i use it personally.
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