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yeh it finds it when i go to put it as a 1st boot drive, it even calls it by its right name. just not in the sata part of of the bios.

i think it might be ok tho. it flashed the bios update ok and i have now set it back to optimized defaults like you said so that should be it shouldn`t it ?

the only thing i am abit worried about is that windows use a recovery restore point because some of my desktop shortcuts had moved but thats it i think
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how would i even go about getting my logo back? it is easy or should i just forget about it?
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if you reset to defaults it should be right, all of your hardware is running at default settings except what you changed .
as far as the boot logo the only way i know of for sure is to flash it again and it should give you the option to use a different picture. as far as your old picture is was overwritten so if you wanted the same one you would have to find it on the web or something. you can check in your bios to see if there is a way to change how the boot screen logo looks. if you flash again go in to bios and load optimized defaults again and change your cool and quiet and set your hard drives how you want.
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ok thanks, i`ll think i`ll leave it if its normal. i am only being picky else. so long as it all working like b4 im ok.

thanks for the advice i was feeling so sick lol.
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no problem, i know how you feel lol. I have put so much abuse on my pc and messed with just about everything. so i dont worry about much anymore .
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if some thing does go wrong can i flash back to the old bios in the same way ?

i used a usb stick and put it a front usb port then went to the ez flash in the bios and let it do it from there.
or if the bios boots then does that mean its ok ?
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i would say if you can get back in the bios after a flash and load your defaults and settings you changed, check everything is running at the proper defaults(speeds,voltages ect.) and load in to windows and everything is running fine then you are ok. just getting to the bios doesnt necessarily mean that you are in the clear. I wouldnt worry about going back to the old bios at this point. if you are going to reflash again to change the picture that board came with some software or you can get it from the website. its called asus mylogo 2 and you can make a custom picture for your boot logo. there are a bunch of videos on youtube that show you how to use it including the flashing part. I have yet to have any problems if i decide to flash, and from what i have seen it goes right if done properly more times that it goes wrong. The file you already used seems to have worked so you dont have to worry about that being corrupt. I would say dont worry so much and just flash it, get it to the way you want it and leave it so you dont have to worry something is wrong all the time. you just did it once so show more confidence tongue.gif
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the only thing different that i can see is that when i start my pc it use to come up with some writing in the top left corner of the screen saying something about my which sata 3 i have and shows my ssd and other stuff like that. but now it goes straight to the new logo screen then straight to windows load and straight to windows, it takes about 10-12 secs to get in to windows it is much quicker. thats what makes me think something has changed tho or something isn`t loading.

also i noticed my graphic card was running hotter underload but that might be because its abit warmer today than yesterday? i uninstalled the graphic driver and reinstalled it just to make sure the windows recover hasn`t done something to it ?

the windows recover thing has me thinking too, coz it said hardware or settings has changed and windows needs to recover then asked if i wanted to restore from a restore point so i did. i also has to refresh my windows index after it recover aswell.
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well you did change the settings to your hardware when you flashed and loaded windows before loading optimized defaults. The reason for loading defaults is so that after the flash you make sure everything is running at stock settings. It might have needed refresh your windows index because your hardware could have been running at different speeds. Personally i found no difference but i have heard to clear the cmos after a flash. you can try this if you want but load defaults again after. if you do, dont forget ahci,cool and quite, and boot order. It should load right to the bios logo screen,i am not sure if you had something in the boot order that was trying to load first before. or it could be something changed with the bios update. There also might be a setting in your bios to make it list the hardware you have installed, like if you disabled the full screen boot logo all together it would list your hardware and load windows. you can right click on my computer in windows and click manage, check all of your hardware is listed. If you would have loaded defaults right away windows probably wouldnt have had trouble and wanted to recover. but since it did and you find nothing wrong then its no bid deal at this point. As far as your gpu running hotter its probably paranoia. make sure your chipset drivers,sata drivers,usb ect... are up to date also.
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I'm going to leave everything as is it for and chill about it. If I start have problems then I will flash the bios again and make sure I set the defaults and stuff.
It's booting so quick tho it like 9-10 sec lol.
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