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I meant 1.15 volts, not 1.5 volts: big difference sorry. Anyway, it failed that and some subsequent primes, but its been going 4.5 ghz on 1.17vcore for about 2 hours strong now, hopefully it will last the whole 12 hour test. My motherboard, Asus p7z77-v lk, does not have a turbo voltage feature, only the regular offset. But yes, I'm very satisfied with the results I'm getting. Every time I fail the prime, I just raise offset by .005 and re-prime. I'm sure it will pass the current one though, my experience has usually been that if it lasts the first hour, it lasts the whole 12 hours. I'm also getting satisfactory temps, max 63C on load at 4.5ghz! Overclocking via offset was much trickier and more time consuming than manual voltage, but well worth the effort. Thank you all for the help!

To clarify, I have achieved my original goal. My idle is now under one volt, and my load voltage is actually lower than what it was on manual, so it's a win win situation. Thank you.
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