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Frame side? I'm lost now lol. I was just wondering if the fans on his video card on top of them were intake or exhaust...

Also, a few mod questions...

What kind of paint to use, and is there a painting guide?

Also if I wanted to use panels/shrouds inside the case for looks/airflow/etc what kind of material to use?
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Originally Posted by MusicMelody View Post

Well like I said, I will overclock but NOT that much at all, I am more concerned about stability and longevity, not PURE speed, lol. I might just stick with the 212/212 evo, and look into water cooling for the future (not full system, just a cpu closed loop or something).

On the HDD, ANYTHING a little faster than my current HP HDD will make me happy. I'm not spoiled on speed, but this computer is 5 or 6 years old with a manufacturer HDD (a6203w desktop).

Any thoughts on my other choices for build?

My point was that for the same price as a 500 GB Velociraptor you can get a 2 TB Barracuda which is gonna be faster than its numbers indicate since it uses 1 TB platters.

And yeah if I were you I'd go with the 212, and get the new Swiftech closed loop in the future.

I don't have much of an opinion on the rest of the stuff. For RAM I just go with anything with 5 stars on Newegg that fits my needs..and I'm a bit of an Intel fanboy..
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The fan above his GPU is an intake. You can tell by the blade orientation if nothing else.

By frame side, Ramsey was referring to the side of the fan with the 4 legged frame that suports the fan assembly within the fan shroud. 99% of the time the air will flor from the side without the frame past the side with the frame. In the pictures above you can see how this demonstrated by the differense between the front 140 intakes vs the rear 120 exhaust. Both his GPU and CPU coolers are blowing fresh air down from the open mesh top.
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Well now that my desk situation has been resolved, I'll finally have a place for the HAF XB case.


I ordered the replacement HAF XB case (since I had to return my first one because of defects) on 1-22-13 and if all goes well I'll receive it on 1-24-13 annnnnnnd if this case is free of defects I say within a week or less you'll finally see my build.




  • Updated: 01/23/2013 5:29 P.M. Eastern Time

In Transit: On Time

  • Business
    Day(s) Left
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Scheduled Delivery:
Thursday, 01/24/2013, By End of Day
Last Location:
Harrisburg, PA, United States, Wednesday, 01/23/2013

Additional Information

Shipped/Billed On:
23.10 lbs

Shipment Progress

Location Date Local Time Activity
Harrisburg, PA, United States 01/23/2013 3:10 P.M. Origin Scan
United States 01/23/2013 8:46 A.M. Order Processed: Ready for UPS
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So...just finished my build thumb.gif

Here are some pictures

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ROG-1.gifProject: "Dark Wind" ROG-1.gifHAFXB_banner.jpg

Is at last complete!!!! Enjoy the pics!
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What pics? tongue.gif
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Looks great! smile.gif
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