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Use some of the 8ga cut-off to run a ground strap from the battery negative to a good ground. the shorter the better.
Really a 75 amp alternator? I can't even recall seeing one. I do work on cars for a living.
try even mocking up a crappy 1 cube sealed single box. You'll get the punchy snappy bass for rock/metal (Slayer FTW). A ported box is better for the deeper longer make you feel like vomiting bass.
According to one site you amp requires a 30 amp fuse. so you should probably think about a better alternator. Or a small class D amp.

my bad it is a 90 amp.. sorry for the confusion.

Part Number: DLG5511-6
Weight: 12.2 lbs
Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Notes: 90 Amp alternatorDesigned for maximum durability 100% new
Alternator Diameter: 118
Alternator Fan: Internal
Alternator Mounting Brackets Included: Yes
Alternator Output Amperage (A): 90
Alternator Regulation: External
Alternator Voltage: 12
Automotive System Application: Electrical System
Brushless Design: Yes
Color / Finish: Same as OEM
Housing Material: Aluminum

as for speaker orientation i have it facing the back hatch. i tried it towards the front but you could hear it better outside than inside.