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Hey guys,
I've read all the trinity APU reviews I can get my hands on, but there's still a limited amount of info out there pertaining to trinity and HTPC use.
Basically what I need to know is which APU would work best for playing back MKVs/streaming.
I do use LAV+Mad VR+MPC-HC and I do have quite a collection of 1080p 10bit+FLAAC files.
I know that obviously the A10-5700 will work fine, but I'm wondering if the cheaper A8-5500 or the A6-5400k would do the job as well.
The only use for this PC will be file playback and streaming. I don't want any dropped frames because of lack of speed on the CPU or GPU side.
I already have a GD-04 case and Scythe Shuriken Rev B for cooling. I'll be undervolting/underclocking. I'd like to get this system into the 20s for idle wattage.
This brings me to my next question, the motherboard. I've noticed test setups differ quite a bit online for FM2 systems, and as a result, so does idle wattage. I need HDMI and SPDIF as I use a projector with no receiver. I also have individually amplified speakers, so an A/V receiver is definitely not high on my to do list. Please don't suggest one.
Alternately, I could make do with DVI output and onboard 5.1 through 2.5mm analog jacks.
Other than these outputs and 3 USB ports, I require nothing from this motherboard. What do I look for in a motherboard when targeting low idle power usage?
I'm thinking 2 ram slots, 1 PCI-E only, etc. What do I look for in power regulation? I have 8+2 on this PC, but would lower be better for a low power system? Or would I still want a decent amount of power phases to more carefully modulate the undervolting?
Does neither matter? Is there a proven low wattage FM2 board that I've missed in my searches online?
Also, I was considering using a 520w Seasonic PSU I have laying around, but 100% load on this system will be less than 100w. Is it smarter to get a lower wattage power supply to have the load power more in the efficiency range? The case I have supports a full size power supply. Should I go 300/250w or just let a 150w pico power supply dangle out of the back?

Thanks a lot for your time guys. thumb.gif
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