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I guess I'll just get right down to it. I want to find a way to connect a laptop screen to a video card. I have (and can get more of) a WUXGA dell precision m90 screen that's 17" and 1920x1200.
Here's a video detailing everything I could think of about the screen.

AFAIK it just plugs straight into the gpu (lappy I pulled it out of had a quadro fx 2500m), does this mean that there's just an adapter for dvi/vga/dp? If there's no such adapter available for <$50, then I'd say it isn't worth it.

The ultimate goal here is to make some sort of fold-out stand for traveling; the stand itself I could build in a week; that's not the problem. I'm not worried about which display inputs are used, either.

Specs of the screen:
17" WUXGA 1920x1200 pulled off a Dell Precision M90
-connector label, 44-pin (
*TYCO 07/02/27
Works fine when plugged in, I think the chip, inverter, etc. are all inside it.
The only connector coming out of it is the one that plugs into the video card.

Thanks in advance, guys!

edit: the connector looks very similar to a laptop IDE cd drive's.