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Welcome, what kind of programming are you into?
Well, I started off with Lua (which I still love for rapid prototyping), then I became very interested in developing for DMG (Gameboy original). So, I familiarized myself with C and got started learning the GBDK. I'm still working on that, and I'm not so great, but eh....
A little after that, one of my friends began writing Allegro tutorials (A Game library for C/C++). So I felt it was my duty to learn up on that tongue.gif
Now, I got a tablet with Android on it (HP TouchPad), so I'm trying to pickup Java so I can develop apps. I'll most likely move over to using the NDK primarily though.
We'll see how that goes.

Really, my beloved PSP started it all. I learned Lua so I could make PsP games, then later I learned C so that I could improve the. Performance of my PSP games. Now, I've moved on, but I still love that little device.