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MSI X79A mobo and thermalright true spirit 140. Will it fit? (yes it fits!)

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Hello everyone,

A long search on google hasn't managed to help me find the answers to my question. I'm wondering if a True Spirit 140 will fit on a x79 mobo with high form memory (spacial, not socket wise; I already know of the converter parts). I'm also not sure about the passive block at the top of the mobo. It looks big. I'd like to know for sure if it will or wont before I spend the money.

I get my parts from across the border (Netherlands -> Belgium) as it ends up cheaper than buying locally. Sending stuff back is a pain in the buttocks though. If it definitely wont fit, any alternatives I could take?

I'm going with a MSI X79A-GD45 (8D)

The memory I'm going for is Corsair Vengeance CMZ4GX3M1A1600C9B

Thanks in advance!
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May I suggest you contact MSI support and ask them how high/tall the top heat sink is.

As for the TS140 the only specs I know are 155x53x170mm. I have a collection of cooler drawings with all measurements but cannot find one for TS140.

Corsair Vengeance is 52.5mm tall.

Installing the 140mm fan on top of Vengeance RAM will require a case with 193mm between motherboard and side cover.

I have been told it is easy to remove the heat sink from Vengeance. Then it would make it about 33mm tall.
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Thanks for the reply. The case I'm going with has a total width of 237.0mm, so It should provide enough space. The section where the cpu sits also doesn't have a side fan taking up space.

Case I'm going with is: thermaltake chaser mk-i

I'm going to sent a mail for more detailed specs to msi support and hope they'll answer. Would love to know the space between the dim slots and the height of the top block. Hopefully they'll answer.

Unless someone here knows this board. wink.gif

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Good plan. Assuming TS140 fits over mobo heatsinks you have the option of putting fan on back as a pull instead of on top of your tall ram in front. Advantage being fan will draw air through all of cooler versus fan in front setting on RAM blowing over top of radiator and missing the bottom 20-25mm of fins. Don't know how much difference that really makes but at least if it does you have a work-a-round. wink.gif
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Heh, can't seem to find a way of contacting msi support unless I already have the product registered. I may just order it, from a few youtube vids and images my spacial reasoning is telling me it'll fit.

Ram on socket 2011 board is located on both sides. So putting the cooler either side is same thing, memory might be in the way.
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If I can not interact with a seller without having already bought their product I would not be buying from them. Customer service starts with potential customers / buyers... rolleyes.gif



Don't know where you are located but looks like there are email addys all over the world to help you out. thumb.gif
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The TS140 is 155x53x170mm. 53mm is thickness so half of that is center line of CPU. Add the thickness of fan 27mm and you have 53mm from centerline of CPU to front of fan when mounted. So if your mobo has that or more to RAM you are golden.

If not I know the TS120M is not quite as good but it has an offset core so fan will should fit on front with about 47mm from centerline. That's scaling from drawing and adding a few mm to be safe so probably more like 44-45mm. But would rather say 47mm and have you come back saying you have 5mm to spare than not have enough room. wink.gif

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That's amazing! Thank you very much for your help! I'll need some time to look trough stuff and wait for mail answers as well. I didn't see the mail addresses at first, must have missed them on that second link. Thanks again! smile.gif
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No problem.

Just post up as you go along so I know how it's working out .thumb.gif
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That picture was for the true 120 If i'm correct, found this by accident!

True spirit 140:

Using that picture and math (size in pic v size in reallity -> Common factor of 2.635659) I managed to get rough true 140 dimensions

Total width with two fans: 105.44mm +-2.00mm
Centre to side with one fan: 52.72mm +-1mm
Base to bottom fan: 23.72mm +-2mm
Fan height: 146.27mm +-2mm

The picture is angled so I still need to factor that in. But then I decided to look for the fan specs which are: L160mm x H140mm x W26.5mm which renders my math moot but fun.

Total width with two fans: 107mm +-1mm
Centre to side with one fan: 53.5mm +-1mm
Base to bottom fan: 30mm
Fan height: 140mm
Since the fan can be moved up and down a bit it'll give me a few mm's to play with.

I'm going to use the same calculations I used in the first part (but with a non angled picture) to get the dimentions of the mobo. It'll be off by up to 3 mm but that's fine. I'll look for a board pic without an angle so I don't need to factor that into it (which I hadn't done in the first example) Once I've done them on paper I'll share them here with a bit of paint/photoshop so it can be used in the future.

Edit; trouble finding a side view picture of the mobo. The rest is done. I'm going to be 1.5-2mm short between the fans and memory heat spreaders. Nothing some bending/filing can't solve.

EDIT: TOP value is WRONG, it's supposed to be 61.84mm and not 64.84mm

I added two different 140mm fans to my shopping list, they're 1.5mm thinner than the one that I get with the cpu block. Once I'm absolutely sure it'll fit I'll order it all smile.gif
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