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MSI X79A mobo and thermalright true spirit 140. Will it fit? (yes it fits!) - Page 2

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Yes, the pic with measurement I supplied is TS120

And my calculations there for TS140 are same basic numbers as yours for TS140

So by your figures for TS140 you have 105.6mm between RAM socket bases. 53mm cooler + 2 X 26.5mm fans = 106m I just measured fan and it's 26.15mm. Very close front to back. Side ways centerline at 77.5mm will be 15.5mm over top mobo heatsink.

TS120 is 53.5mm / 2 = 27mm - aprox. 17mm = 10mm + 26.5mm fan = 36.5mm in front of center line and 43.5mm in back of center line. Side ways centerline is 66mm will be 4.16mm over mobo heatsink.

Either TS120 or TS140 will do the job for you.
Here's a review of TS140 & TS120. TS140 is only 1.5c cooler than TS120. wink.gif

The difference between 2 fans versus 1fan is almost nothing. I doubt it will be 2c max... something like 45c versus 47c delta.

You can easily put a TY-14x fan on the TS120 if you wanted to.
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Alright, thanks for checking my calculations.

I'm going to order the whole package from them so It'll be the 140 since they don't have 120 on stock/catalogue. I'll do two fans anyway since It will look cooler(hehe). *pun intended*

I'll place the order later today.

Here's a full list in case you're interested:

Case: Thermaltake Chaser MK-I
MoBo: MSI X79A-GD45 (8D)
Sound: Onboard and if that isn't good enough I'll switch in my current GamerXtreme card with a hacked driver to make it work on win7
CPU: Intel Core i7 3820
CPU Cooling: True Spirit 140 + 2x Aerocool Shark Fan 14cm Blue Edition, 140mm | EN55468 (90 CFM each)
RAM: x4 Corsair Vengeance CMZ4GX3M1A1600C9B (4x 4096GB 1600mhz ddr3)
GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 660 Ti SC 2GB
HDD: 2x Intel 330 SSD's 120GB (one for os, one for games)
Powersupply: 850Watt corsair one (triple v12 rails etc.. using the one I have now)
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Looking 'cool' is good for the ego. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by doyll View Post

Looking 'cool' is good for the ego. smile.gif

Please keep us posted of how it all works out.

Would like to see some pics and measurements with cooler installed. thumb.gif
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Hello all, my parts arived and I've been toying with the heatsink. Pleased to say it all fits, barely. I had to "force" a bit on the rods that hold up the fans but it fits. memory is 1mm space left, -1mm right (hense the forcing). There's about 5mm space between the heatsink and the block on the mobo (3rd pic). I don't think it'd work with the fans it came in, they're a few mm wider (see prev posts).

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Very close fit.

Stock fans will cool better if you can squeeze them in.. or just run one fan.

Last pic the fan is on backwards pulling air out of cooler?
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Last pic was a quick test to see how the fans fit and to test how those fan brackets worked. I didn't bother with orientation yet, they're on properly now wink.gif
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Kinda figure that was the case. But even I have had my times of pulling hair, ranting and raving only to find I had put fan on backwards in a fit of stupidity.. then even more ranting, raving and cursing. biggrin.gif
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