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Hi, I recently completed my first water cooling loop, and after bleeding out all the air settled down to a gaming session. My GPU is an EVGA GTX 670 FTW with the XSPC Razer GTX 680 waterblock, but after playing War of the Roses on High settings for about 45 minutes the image on my screen crapped out, the best way I can describe it is like the colours all sorta melted and distorted. I quickly quit out from the game and checked my gpu temp - it was only 45 degrees Celsius. What could have gone wrong? the 670 should be able to eat that game alive. I detached the block and re-arranged some of the thermal pads to make sure they were making full contact b/w the PCB and water block, and then tried playing the game again for half an hour, with some of the settings turned down and FXAA turned off, with no further issues. Any idea what the problem is or was? I'm guessing it was the voltage regulators, but I'm not sure.