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This is the email i wrote to them only to hear nothing back:

i purchased a new 2420t and for some reason i cant change some important OSD setting like "gamma" "color" "hue" “color temp” to name a few. They are just grayed out and not the normal "white" where i can click on them and change them.
The issue is not that im locked out of the OSD it self as i can change about half of the settings, i asked for advice on forums and a million people wrote saying to hold any button and wait for 10 secs that does not fix it since its not the issue, im not locked out of the OSD.
If you need the exact list i can let you know but they are all under "menu" than i can change only some "display settings" (i can change "brightness", "contrast" "sharpness" and "black equalizer") i cant change about half of the "picture" settings and "picture advanced" like "over scan" for ex.

I have 2 gtx 285 sli and i7 920. If you need any more data please let me know i can get u serial number but its real late and im about to go to sleep. Plus monitor is new, i dont see any other flaws with the screen other then this problem.

Do you have any ideas as to why this is happening. I used the cable that came with the monitor

P.S. im not locked out from OSD, i have access to roughly half of the settings but as stated above about half are "grey" and I cant change them and one like color tem just makes no sense. It makes it next to impossible to calibrate the screen.
I WOULD BE REAL GREATFUL IF SOMEONE HAD ANY IDEAS (holding a button for 10 secs is NOT the solution)