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i am trying to flash my 9800 pro to xt it has the r350 core and 128mb memory and its 256bit i am trying to flash it with a usb hardrive and my motherboard is a abit ai7 so it should be able to support it but i dont know how to make the hardrive bootable to the A:/ prompt or acording to my computer its G:/

i have flashrom 2.7 and i also have a 9800 xt bios but i read around somewhere that hercules bios overclocks really well also my card is stable at 412/365 i am using the thermaltake extreme giant III and i was also wondering would the thermalright v1 perform better but the problem is that the heatpipe where the fan mounts is to close to the memory chips and only a thin penny size ram cooler could fit

so all im asking which bios and how to make the hardrive bootable

thanks james