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2133mhz DDR3 on MSI motherboard NOT working

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Hi guys!

I also require help and hope some of you can provide it.

I got this motherboard with an amd phenom 2 x2 555 processor:


Problem is, I bought 2 x 4 giga DDR3 2133mhz Predator from Kingston and I can't get it worked only on 1600mhz.

The Bios doesn't have XMP Profile it only has a setting where I can choose 1066mhz/1333mhz/1600mhz. That's all.

I don't know how to calibrate the RAM to work on 2133mhz manually.

Should I use Amd Overdrive program?

Aida64 tells me i got xmp profile on those RAM but Bios doesn't has that.

What can I do? I just read here on forums I should change HT Speed or clocks of Ram to increase their power.

I also got an Ati HD 5770 hawk and i overcloacked it succesfully with MSI afterburner. But with those RAMs I am having some trouble...
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You aren't going to be hitting 2133 with a Phenom II.
The IMC generally flakes out at not much higher than 1600 speeds.

I could only get around ~1700s with my sig rig RAM on a 1090T, where the same RAM on this FX platform can hit 2250 at CAS9.
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I agree with beers, ram speed is dependant on the cpu and mobo. ASRock mobos are very easy to OC and are affordable yet well built.
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What is IMC? And why can I not overcloack to 2133mhz?

I can overcloack processor and noticed if I overcloack HT ref. clock it greatly raises the mhz of the ddr3, without modifiying clocks of RAM.

Don't know if that's OK to do or NOT. Maybe I should upgrade BIOS and perhaps there is a better version to overclock the ram.

Here it clearly says it has been tested with greater MHZ on my motherboard:


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Default HTT of Phenom II X2 processors is 200MHz and the highest available memory multiplier is 1:4 giving highest possible memory frequency of 800MHz (aka DDR3-1600). If you want to get any further, you would have to raise the HTT frequency, but as people have already suggested, the memory controller (IMC) in Phenom II X2 CPUs will not be able to handle more than 850-900MHz (DDR3-1700/1800), let alone on a MSI 880GM board (which are not famous for their overclocking capabilities).
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Yes I tried to overclock to 900mhz and it worked. But didn't test it yet. With AMD Overdrive I set a higher value on the HT.

Will it become unstable? Or should I manually change clocks on RAM?

Maybe a BIOS update will help?

Or in worst case I must change the motherboard and CPU to an phenom x4?
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Also look on that 2 links. Why does MSI says it tested OC RAM greater than 1600mhz, as far as 2300mhz :O

I am still optimistic and hope a BIOS update will be the answer tongue.gif
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I would be very careful unlocking cores or trying to overclock on that board, your boards VRM have a reasonable chance of catastrophic failure if pushed too hard.
overcloack overcloack overcloack

Where are you from? What exactly is a cloack?
What is IMC? Maybe a BIOS update will help?

Integrated memory controller, and unlikely.

Keep in mind all platforms have limitations.
RAM won't run at 60 GHz simply because you want it to.
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Sorry I ment overclock. Ty for answering IMC question. I am from Romania.

Those Ram are specially designed to run at 2133mhz. Kingston Predator it's the name. 2x4giga ddr3.

They got XMP Profile aswell, only Motherboard doesn;'t have.

I didn't unlock any core from the Amd Phenom 2 x2.

I think i can boost the processor from 3200mhz to 4000mhz. But I don't know how to overclock RAM. Or even if it's possible.

That's why I need your help biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by deathadd View Post

Also look on that 2 links. Why does MSI says it tested OC RAM greater than 1600mhz, as far as 2300mhz :O
People working in marketing departments usually have very little touch with reality.
MSI were either planning that this board will eventually support Bulldozer chips (which it doesn't) so running DDR3-2000+ would be a piece of cake (for CPU's memory controller) or they saw someone run DDR3-2133 with a handpicked X6 Thuban and thought it should be possible with 880GM as well (which it won't).

Either way, if you want memory speeds higher than DDR3-1600 with your Phenom X2, you will have to overclock the CPU not only via multiplier, but via HTT as well.
Unlocking cores might also work provided that board's PWM has sufficient airflow.
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