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Recently I fixed a PC for a Client of mine, his config was 3570K and he was OC his Processor to around 3.7Ghz. He had a 120GB SSD, with ASUS GTX680 VGA running on Antec HCG 520W PSU.

This brand new card lasted just 18 Hrs. The following morning when he was playing a game smoke started coming from the Chipset Area. Their was no burn marks either on the Slot of the Card or on the PCI x16 Slot of the Motherboard, but the card had got burnt inside the GPU chipset.

Does any one know what could be the possible reason for this. He has been replaced with a new card but would like to know the reason for this before I give the new card to him. Has it got anything to do with the PSU ? or is it something to do with the Fan on the VGA?

Help is much appreciated.